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New Trends in Sales & Marketing to Business Customers

May 4th, Estonian Business School, Tallinn

The first annual business conference road show that shines the spotlight on the people, ideas and challenges in business-to-business


Sales and marketing alignment is still a trillion dollar problem

This conference focuses on the main trends and challenges in B2B sales and marketing - social selling, prospecting, content creation, online sales, sales and marketing alignment to name a few. Carefully chosen speakers deliver high-quality content in an engaging and entertaining format. 

  • An increasing number of B2B buyers buy online without contacting the sales team

  • Only 5% of buyers are ready to buy at any given moment. How do you find them? And how to communicate with the remaining 95%?

  • How should sales and marketing respond to the economic downturn?

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Increase your profit by breaking silos

  • How to align sales and marketing functions to increase profit

  • How to combine content creation and sales

  • How to target the right buyers

  • How to make your brand famous in faraway markets

  • Why creativity is important in business-to-business

The people that make the wheels go round

Who should attend?

  • Sales managers, marketing managers, and comms managers of B2B companies

  • Owners and CEOs of B2B companies

  • Agencies servicing B2B companies

Why Attend


European Tour 2023

More dates to follow

Riga June 19th

Amsterdam January 2024

European Tour 2023
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Registration & Morning Coffee

Enjoy some coffee & snacks and get comfortably seated

09:30 - 10:00

How to Improve Cooperation Between Sales and Marketing Departments (EST)


Jari Kukkonen, EBS Executive Education (EST)

Jari Kukkonen has been the head of EBS Executive Education since January 1, 2021, and the leading lecturer of the EBS Executive MBA program since October 2019. Jari has over 20 years of international experience as a trainer, manager and entrepreneur in strategic management, change and innovation management, LEAN management and product and service development. Jari's customers have been well-known international large companies and local fast-growing successful companies. In the public sector, Jari has advised ministries, their subsidiaries and constitutional institutions in Estonia and abroad. In the healthcare sector, Jari has advised ministries, hospitals and health care funders. Kukkonen has been an evaluator of the management quality award in Finland and at the European level, and a trainer of management quality award evaluators in Estonia. Jari holds a Master's degree in Innovation and Change Management from St John York University. He has written the book "Breakthrough - Continuous improvement of business processes" (Äripäev publishing house 2012) and edited the Organizational Self-Assessment Manual (EAS).

10:00 - 11:00

New Trends: Business-to-Business Sales (ENG)

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Raoul Monks, Flume (UK)

The B2B sales environment has changed a lot recently. More customers buy online without contacting the sales team. How to sell via online channels? The average buying cycle takes more time and involves more people from the buyer side than before. Millennials are becoming important influencers and decision-makers. In his presentation, Raoul Monks will explain: How to personalise your outreach How to find customers that are ready to listen to you (and buy) How to get your messaging right Plan your sales sequences Take control of the sales conversation

11:00 - 11:30

Global PR: The Road to International Fame (EST)


Annika Ljaš, Noontide (EST)

Annika is a seasoned startup marketer and PR expert who has led marketing in notable technology companies like Planet OS and WePower. Annika now runs her own company Noontide and works as a Visiting CMO in several B2B startups. Earlier in her career, Annika helped to put her tech-savvy country on the global map by helping launch the revolutionary e-Residency program at the Estonian Government's investment agency. She also bootstrapped Latitude59 from a small annual gathering of founders to a proper platform for Baltic startups to share knowledge, connections, and seek funding. Today she continues to contribute to projects with a positive impact such as North Star AI, an NGO aiming to solve data science talent shortage in the region.

11:30 - 12:00 Marketing to One: Hyper-Personalised Marketing (EST)

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Hando Sinisalu, Marketing Parrot (EST)

Creating content for one - why sometimes it makes sense to create podcast episodes for one listener - How to align sales and marketing in content creation - Why the process of creating content matters as much as the content piece itself - Real-life examples of how content marketing can warm up sales leads Hando is the founder and CEO of B2B marketing hub Marketing Parrot, previously known as Best Marketing International, the leading digital marketing conference producer in Europe.  He has produced and managed over 200 conferences in 24 countries from South Africa to South Korea, from Indonesia to Spain.  ​Hando collects and analyses content marketing case studies, was the producer of The Best of Global Digital Marketing Show, and writes regularly for marketing portals in Estonia, Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa, Poland, and Indonesia. He also runs case-study-based in-house training programs for clients like McCann Riga (Latvia), Distell (South Africa), Graphic Publishing (Ghana), and Conde Nast (India) to name a few.

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch & Mingling 

13:00 - 14:00

The Winning Formula:

Showmanship - Salesmanship - Relationship (ENG)

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Paul Cash, Rooster Punk (UK)

- A guiding view as to why B2B marketing needs to embrace a more human philosophy - An understanding of how brand, purpose and emotion play a key role in driving growth - A review of the latest research shaping new opinions in B2B marketing - A deeper look at the science and power of story at both a brand and demand level - A new perspective on brand likeability as an under utilized power play - Numerous case stories and anecdotes showcasing commercial impact

14:00 - 14:30

 Demand Generation: How to Consistently Attract High-Quality Leads (EST)

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Taavi Rebane, Messente (EST)

- Learn why you should forget about MQLs - How to create actual demand - And how to stand out in the sea of sameness The B2B audience can't be won over with quick-win campaigns. Instead, Taavi always tries to understand the customer deeply and provide value. This will in turn generate demand and trust that leads to sustainable and significant profit for the businesses, which he works it. Taavi enjoys building marketing strategies from the ground up. Recently, he's done exactly that at technology companies in very competitive niches or with hard-to-reach audiences. It's like using different marketing tactics and channels as cogs to form a marketing machine that produces brand awareness, growth, and most importantly - profit. In the end, this is what he strives for. Taavi is currently the Head of Marketing at Messente.

14:30 - 15:00

Coffee, Snacks & Mingling

15:00 - 15:15

Results of the Study “Estonian Marketing Practices: Key Indicators, Priorities and Future Plans of B2B Marketing” (EST)


Alar Pink, Tallinna Ülikool (EST)

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Presentation of the results of the study "Estonian marketing practices: key indicators, priorities and future plans of B2B marketing" conducted by Kantar Emor

15:15 - 15:45

How to Successfully Launch a Product, That People Don’t Know They Need (EST)


Linda Marie Ormus, Tele2 (EST)

Linda Marie Ormus is the Head of Internet Services Development at Tele2 Estonia and she will share the experience of a telecom company on how a successful campaign was carried out for a service that customers had no concious need for, but nevertheless all sales targets were met. Linda Marie will explain the importance of a secure internet and bring colorful examples of B2B customers' awareness and attitude towards it. She will talk about why Tele2 Estonia still decided to carry out the campaign, how it was planned and executed and what were the results. She will also share, how from their example is possible to bring a service to the market, that is successful both inside and outside the company and in addition to that there will be some statistics and great customer experience stories.

15:45 - 16:45

Panel Discussion: View From the Top (EST)


Valdo Kalm, Port of Tallinn (EST)

Lauri Haav, Salv (EST)
Mailiis Ploomann, Elisa Eesti (EST) 

- How to align sales and marketing - The role of the CEO as the spokesperson in social media - The role of the CEO as an influencer - The role of the CEO as a salesperson - Crisis communication - Employer branding Valdo Kalm has been the chairman of the board of the Port of Tallinn since March 2016. Previously, Kalm managed what was then EMT (now Telia Eesti) for more than 20 years. Kalm was elected chairman of the board of AS Eesti Telekom in May 2007. Valdo Kalm has a master's degree in automation and telemechanics from Tallinn University of Technology. Mailiis Ploomann is the head of Elisa Estonia's private customer unit and a member of the board, who has managed products and services aimed at private customers since 2009. At the very beginning as a product manager, later as a department head, since 2018 leading the telecom services sector, which is responsible for a portfolio with a turnover of ~100 million euros, and in 2021 since 2008, managing an entire business unit aimed at private clients (from digital entertainment services to customer service and communication business). With a deep understanding of international markets and over two decades of experience in sales and driving growth for Saas and IT companies, Lauri Haav joined Salv from his role as Managing Director at Estonia’s e-Residency program, where he acted in the role since January 2021. Prior to this, he spent almost four years as Managing Director at HSBC-backed mobile-only bank Monese.


Goodbyes & Thank Yous

Keynote Highlights


The Winning Formula:

Showmanship - Salesmanship - Relationship

Paul Cash, Rooster Punk (UK)

“My life story so far has been pretty eventful - I’ve made millions and lost millions, written 2 books, turned down a cheque for £19m for my first company (madness), developed the 13 stories framework, won over 30+ awards, co-founded the fastest growing marketing agency in the UK, fallen in love, been seconds from bankruptcy, fathered two awesome boys, been divorced twice and even after a thousand rounds of golf i've never come close to a hole in one."


Paul is passionate about helping B2B brands fulfil their potential and HATES it when lazy marketing gets in the way. He is driven by human understanding, creativity, narrative development, branding, storytelling, innovation, ABM, sales enablement, category design, disruption and transformational growth.


B2B client experience: HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone, Samsung, Oracle, Virgin Media, Colt, Amadeus, Symantec, Adobe, Canon, KPMG, TCS, Funding Circle, Make it Cheaper, Currencycloud, Crowdcube, Incopro, Sage Pay (Opayo) and many others.”


New Trends: Business-to-Business Sales


Raoul Monks, FLUME (UK)

Raoul works with fast-growing B2B companies helping their sales teams to sell more by helping adapt to today's changing buyer and tech landscape. More leads, higher average orders, greater conversion, faster deals. This is what he cares about.


Flume sales training focuses on driving and proving outcomes for clients through cutting edge training and delivery mechanisms. 

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Welcome to Estonian Business School

Founded in 1988, EBS is the oldest privately owned business university in the Baltics. With more than 1400 students, EBS's goal is to provide enterprising people with academic knowledge, skills and values for its successful implementation. EBS offers degrees at Bachelor's, Master's as well as Doctoral levels. 




In order to benefit the most out of the conference, we highly encourage attending in pairs: marketing & sales. This way both will have a unique possibly to study the thinking that goes behind the other's practice and the ways in which a tight cooperation is beneficiary to the company as a whole.

Please note that this is an onsite event. 

(TIL APRIL 16th)











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