Podcast episode 8 with Katheriin Liibert (Outfunnel): How to Conduct Meaningful Market Research

Katheriin Liibert is another bright mind on the SaaS marketing landscape. Having dipped her toes into marketing at Fleep, she is now the head of marketing at Outfunnel, a marketing and sales automation software to connect all your favourite tools into a single seamless experience. Also, remember Printful, the Latvian unicorn revolutionising the print-on-demand service? Katheriin has built a business using Printful’s services and is the proud co-owner of #muhoov, the company that produced the viral sweatshirt as seen on former president of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid. In this episode, Katheriin gives a masterclass on how to conduct meaningful market research, why growth marketing is not just a buzzword and why frustration is the gunpowder in Outfunnel’s customer journey.

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