Undercover: Infokorp (Croatia)

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

“Undercover” is a bi-weekly series, where we analyse bits and pieces of different B2B players on relevant markets.

Let’s play a game. I’m an aspiring businesswoman looking to relocate to Croatia. 28 years old, liberal and not easily attracted to corporate style modus operandi. In short, I’m a millennial. Savvy enough to consider entrepreneurship, opinionated enough to give dated companies the cold shoulder. Consequently, comfort and accessibility is like avocado on toast for millennials, hence I’m conducting a little research on which services could help me out with my grandiose plans of becoming a proud member of Croatian expat community and starting a business once I lay my feet on fertile Balkan soil.

As per usual, I’m going in incognito. I’m starting my research with a broad search to test the waters: “starting a company in Croatia”. Seems there’s a Google ad that perfectly answers my query.

Infokorp, accounting and business consultancy


First thoughts

The overall look and feel of Infokorp, an accounting services and consultancy provider, gives me confidence that I’m dealing with a respectable company. Looks bold, hits straight-to-the-point and gives a good overview of the services provided. In the 'about' section one can read that Infokorp has excellent credentials and serves classic points on why one should consider them as service providers.

Infokorp.hr front page
Bold and clear, both in looks and copy

There’s a video in Croatian showing a white-collar lady in crisp business attire combating a rain of issues one could expect when running a business. But don’t worry! Infokorp is here to stop this madness and save the poor lass from an avalanche of accounting problems. I would caption this video as “Cloudy with a chance of accounting”.

This video is confusing, because it doesn’t fit in with the crisp copy nor the edgy homepage visuals.

The footer is graced with an aggressive CTA in the form of a phone number, as well as some certificates which further enforce my confidence in Infokorp.

Under 'services' we’ll find the following list:


Payroll accounting


Tax consulting

Business consulting

Again, a well-written, keyword-generous, informative description accompanies each section. Moreover, all meta tags seem to be in perfect order (a must have for proper SEO).


Now, to the content. Infokorp offers a list of useful forms one could encounter when starting and conducting business in Croatia. Let’s click on “contract for leasing an address”. Oops, seems to be in Croatian. Okay, I’ll do another one, “request for issuance of a PIN (OIB)”. Croatian again. Let’s just hope Infokorp can provide English equivalents or at least help me out with filling in the local ones. No sign of any articles, useful links nor shorter snackable content in the form of social posts.

Forms provided by Infokorp
Useful forms if you speak Croatian

The 'contact' page features a nice little form for feedback as well as the company address. Nothing fancy, but does the job. I also noticed a small LinkedIn widget on top of the page, which in turn reveals that there are 16 employees working at Infokorp, 110 followers and no posts to date. Well, at least I know they exist.

Infokorp's LinkedIn page
Some presence is better than none. Or is it?


My browsing experience on mobile is equally pleasant. The flow is nice, all functions are handy, fonts readable.


The overall issue I’m having is the encompassing reserved feel I get from Infokorp. Apart from the lady in “Cloudy with a chance of accounting”, there’s no sign of actual human beings working at the company. Accounting and business consulting is undoubtably a conservative sector, but they are now facing an increasingly younger audience, who would prefer a touch of empathy and accessibility.

Design: good

Layout: good

UX: good

Credibility: good Useful content: poor

Mobile: good

Copy: good

Social Links: poor

Would I get in touch: yes