Undercover: SquareOne Coworking (Croatia)

Updated: Jan 20

“Undercover” is a weekly series, where we analyse bits and pieces of different B2B players on relevant markets.

Let’s play a game. I’m an aspiring businesswoman looking to relocate to Croatia. 28 years old, liberal and not easily attracted to corporate style modus operandi. In short, I’m a millennial. Savvy enough, to consider entrepreneurship, opinionated enough, to give dated companies the cold shoulder. Consequently, comfort and accessibility is like avocado on toast for millennials, hence I’m conducting a little research on which services could help me out with my grandiose plans of becoming a proud member of Croatian expat community and starting a business once I lay my feet on fertile Balkan soil.

As per usual, I’m going in incognito. I’m starting my research with a broad search to test the waters: ‘coworking Zagreb’. For the record, I’m ruling out all global renting platforms and skimming down to local players only.

SquareOne coworking, coworking space


Truth be told, my first local pick was Wespa Spaces, which showed up on the first page of my initial Google search, but due to the fact that Wespa’s website is Croatian-only, I’m not going to do them injustice by auto-translating their beautiful website to English and reading all that broken English gibberish.

First Thoughts

SquareOne Coworking was also a first page find. There’s a slight issue with responsiveness on my Macbook 13-inch screen, the heading doesn’t fit to screen. The rest of the information is displayed correctly.

Display issue on Macbook 13-inch screen

The full screen banner showcases some friendly youthful faces surrounded by lush greenery. I’m having my doubts whether this is a real-life capture of SquareOne’s renters in their natural habitat, but it gets the vibe across nevertheless. A strip of unclickable logos follows the picture. Clients? Partners? Network? Mystery.

We get to the introductory part, which covers all the basics, along with key figures and amenities, all presented in a pleasantly subtle graphics. However, every potential renter is interested in how the interior looks like and who the co-renters are (for obvious networking reasons). Let’s see if we can find any information on that.

Under the 'about' section one can read that SquareOne is part of a global network, meaning that each member has access to all rent24 locations in the world. They are also the first in Croatia to offer an entire floor specially reserved for women. The page features each floor’s layout, but no pictures of actual offices or shared spaces. I’ve also noticed that the CTAs are awkwardly placed. There’s one at the bottom of each page, although you could easily fit some buttons or links into the main body of content.

Plenty of room

The 'services' page lists available packages, this time with proper CTAs. Again, no pictures or info on renters. Maybe I’m missing something? I’ll try clicking on one of the small banners at the bottom of the page. Let’s try events. Oops, seems someone forgot to add English links, I’m directed to the Croatian version of the page. The same happens with every single banner.

Faulty links

I finally find a picture on the 'contact' page. Looks lovely by the way. I’ve noticed that they mention offices in plural and there’s also a carousel coded into the contacts page, which in theory should show me the different spaces they have across several addresses. Alas, the arrow is not clickable. No names or faces showcased anywhere, just key contacts.

A picture of the interior I was so desperately looking for


There’s not much to talk about in terms of content. Not only am I missing pictures, there is also no sight of news or articles on recent events, which there should be plenty of at a coworking space. As mentioned, no sign of current renters either. I’m here for the community, where’s the community?

Technically, the website is in order in terms of links, copy and keywords. The only setbacks are faulty redirects and some awkward CTA placements.

Possibly SquareOne has gathered all their juicy content on social instead. I’m heading to Facebook for more content. Their Facebook feed features nice snaps of the lovely interior, frequent afterwork events with free pizza and music. All posts mostly in English, more than ample use of hashtags, hence I suspect these posts are sourced directly from Instagram.

Apparently, I’m correct. Interior pictures – check, but why use stock photos and cheesy quotes when you have plenty of action and fascinating people sitting right there at your office. I would love to see the people who rent, work and spend time at SquareOne. Learn about their successes and struggles.

Last but not least, SquareOne has a functioning LinkedIn page with regular posts and a decent following of 100+ members. I find a few tags indicating that there are events held at SquareOne spaces, which again reminds me that I couldn’t find any info regarding community events on their website, nor Facebook or Insta for that matter (apart from pizza nights). LinkedIn lists one employee. I’m starting to think of SquareOne as this beautiful castle with high ceilings, sleek furnishing, and a lonely castle keeper who dreams of having people over one day. All I’m trying to say is some real faces would be a nice addition.


Mobile site is fully responsive, easy to browse, all fonts readable.


While some minor bugs could be fixed on the website, I find SquareOne to be modern, but inexplicably discreet. Coworking spaces are not only meant for daily 9-5 hustling, but also quality networking and community building. Parties, seminars, workshops and most importantly – a fascinating mix of renters, who each on their own provide inspirational stories. None of that can be seen on their channels.

Design: good

Layout: good

UX: average

Credibility: poor

Useful content: poor

Mobile: good

Copy: good

Social Links: average

Would I get in touch: no