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A highly personalised workshop that combines the inspirational elements of a conference and the practical benefits of a training course

What's on the agenda?

Part 1: 10.00 - 12.00


How is content marketing conceptually different from advertising


Content marketing, branded content, brand journalism, native advertising - understanding the buzzwords


What to expect from content marketing: SEO, awareness, sales, employer branding


Creating content with your audience in mind. Personas. Creating content for a single important customer.


The concept of ABM (account-based marketing), using content in ABM


Aligning sales with marketing in the content creation process


Building your storytelling strategy. “They ask - you answer” approach


Story mining: the process


Lunch: 12.00 - 13.00

Part 2: 13.00 - 14.30


Content formats: text, visual, video, audio. Examples


The problem with boring corporate videos and talking heads: how to attract viewers


Content hubs: website, blog, standalone media product, social media. Examples


Creating content for Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube. Examples


Coffee break: 12.00 - 13.00

Part 3: 15.00 - 16.15


Content distribution: organic and paid. Using influencers and communities


How to gain global PR?


The ultimate goal: thought leadership


How to measure the results of content marketing


Organizing your content marketing: content calendar, how to convince your colleagues to produce content, working with outside partners


Ends: 16:15

The workshop is based on 50+ interviews with B2B content marketing experts from all over the World and Hando’s own 30-year long experience in media and marketing.


The workshop includes dozens of videos and soundbites and requires a lot of interaction from the audience - no way you can sleep or scroll Instagram your feed there!

About Hando Sinisalu


Hando has 25+ years of experience in media and marketing. He is the founder of Best Marketing, the biggest Estonian marketing portal and event organiser, and the new B2B content startup Marketing Parrot.


Hando works as a business journalist for the biggest Nordic B2B media company Bonnier (Äripäev), organises business conferences, and trains business people on content marketing. Hando is also the mastermind behind BalticBest -  the biggest advertising awards in the Baltics. 

His background in B2B combined with hands-on experience as an advertising agency executive has provided for a fact-based approach. Hando will (de)construct everything you thought you knew about B2B marketing and force you to step into your customer’s shoes. More.. 

"Several times I’ve worked in cooperation with Hando. We organised The Best of Global Digital Marketing in the Netherlands. It was great working with Hando! With knowledge, inspiration and enthusiasm, Hando kept our visitors interested in his presentation. I can recommend Hando as a speaker - he provides interesting, trend following and inspirational sessions." - Ment Kuiper, Programme and Trainings Manager, ShaalX ( the Netherlands)

"Funny, witty, entertaining and at the same time very serious and knowledgeable. As Hando feels atmosphere and cares about different audiences, he is able to adapt his thoughts into language that is easy to understand and learn." - Marjan Novak, Partner, Marketing Magazin (Slovenia)

"We work with many speakers around the world. Hando is one of the best in the business, who always ensures he is fully briefed on the expectations of delegates and makes sure their needs are catered for so he can get on with giving them the best training experience possible. In addition to being a a highly likeable gentleman, Hando is courteous, helpful, insightful and exceptionally talented. I recommend him to anyone who wants to work with the best." - Tahir A Bari, Director, Gazelle Business Media (India)

Event Calendar



Westin Hotel Zagreb



Tallink Hotel Riga


250€ + 0% VAT


Money back guarantee: in case you are not fully satisfied with the training, your participation fee will be returned. 


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