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Ann-Kristin Kruuk


Some say she can write, some say she can make things look cool. She is also the person who wrote this bio.

Ann-Kristin is the words, eyes, and often the brains behind countless media projects and brands. Having started from marketing and communications theory by writing for business media across the World, designing training programmes and marketing events and then, by co-authoring for bestselling books “The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook I and II”, she later had a chance to put theory to practice by becoming the marketing manager for Villeroy & Boch Estonia and then amassing a portfolio of nearly 50 premium brands, from Alessi to Ralph Lauren Home, as the head of marketing and creative at Lartusi Home.


Relying on a unique skill-set for tackling business goals across a wide range of industries, starting from leading business media, to public healthcare and all the way to premium retail, Ann-Kristin continues to consult and shape the way brands approach content and branding. She pays tribute to her roots in journalism by searching for the deeper meaning in each content piece and placing it into a carefully crafted pyramid of a larger strategy. 

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