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Hando Sinisalu, Founder, Marketing Parrot


Coming from a digitally savvy nation like Estonia (the leading country in digital innovation), Hando is passionate about discovering and sharing exciting opportunities digital marketing has to offer for B2B. His background in B2B combined with hands-on experience as an advertising agency executive has provided for a fact-based approach. Hando will (de)construct everything you thought you knew about B2B marketing and force you to step into your customer’s shoes.

Radio presenter, advertising agency executive, journalist, conference producer and researcher – you can easily say he is one of the most recognised faces on the local marketing landscape as well as a recognised speaker and consultant overseas.  

Hando has launched several successful brands (Best Marketing,, Best of Global Digital Marketing) and written two top-selling books (“Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1 & 2”). Based on extensive daily research and personal experience with B2B clients, Hando has learned to effortlessly navigate on these often very complex roads. He combines B2B with his in-depth knowledge in digital and content marketing, borrows interesting ideas from the B2C sector and is a strong believer in no-bullshit practices. You will never hear Hando talk about useless clichés, but what you will get is a serious Oprah Winfrey ‘aha moment’.

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