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Marketing Parrot event locations over the years

Our Heritage

20+ years in event management

20+ years in marketing

20+ years in journalism

20+ years in business-to-business

400+ events managed

Events in 40+ cities across the World

It's Been a Long Time Coming

Marketing Parrot is the culmination to numerous projects: we’ve travelled the world talking about digital marketing (the Best of Global Digital Marketing), layed the foundation to the biggest advertising festival in the Baltics (BalticBest), organised hundreds of domestic events, written books and articles, toured across Europe and beyond to discover exciting trade shows and expos, consulted clients and founded the biggest marketing portal in Estonia (Best Marketing). We are marketing journalists, event managers, speakers and creatives — all wrapped up into a single package.


Password -- the biggest marketing conference in the Baltics


Baltic Marketing & Advertising magazine established


Rebranding to Best Marketing


Cooperation with Effie Awards starts in Ukraine, Croatia and China


Exclusive cooperation with Bonnier Business Press (Äripäev) in Estonia starts




The Best of Global Digital Marketing Roadshow (30+ countries)

Storybook I & II

BalticBest launch, Hando receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award (Estonian Association of Marketing Communication Agencies)


The switch to B2B content marketing / consulting & training


Marketing Parrot


Parrot B2B conference European tour

Event History

Top speakers over the years:

Companies who have worked with or been inspired by us:

Our Mission

Unite the business-to-business community 

We have always worked in business-to-business. We used to struggle with pushing our event concepts or with tracking down at least five decent B2B case studies because either the work is not published or it’s done in an unbelievably vague manner. The scope of content has been incredibly thin.  


After writing two books on award winning digital marketing case studies, we have also grown tired of the glossy bubble of “creative b2c advertising”, where compared to the humongous budgets and the huge grin on the creative director – the numbers are often lacking. Finally, the world is not driven by chocolate bars, it's driven by powerful batteries and smart factories. 


Over the years we have reached a point where not only are we fluent in B2B - we’re also aware of the many challenges and luckily, a few solutions. Our community deserves and needs to be highlighted. 


As noted in a recent manifest by the LinkedIn B2B Institute, business-to-business is no longer the underdog. In fact, quite the opposite: global economics are driven by B2B brands. The age old cliche of a “boring older brother’” is also quickly wearing off as marked by the recent changes at Cannes Lions.

Spark annual traditions with bespoke B2B events

  • B2B is considered boring, unglamorous. The product lacks sex appeal

  • The storytelling is skimmed down to painfully dry product features and stats that nobody cares about

  • The community is scattered. Can you think of any big scale events in your area that are deticated specifically to B2B sales/marketing/you-name-it? B2B professionals are ignored by the wider advertising  community

  • There is a huge gap between SaaS and traditional businesses, both in terms of content and talent

  • The symbiosis between sales and marcomms is often out of sync — there is very little understanding between the two 

  • Many B2B businesses think that marketing is not something they need and PR is for crisis management

  • The lack of inspiration translates to all areas of the business

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