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Liliana Ozolina (EY Baltics): Our Ambition Is to Become the World’s Most Favoured Employer

Liliana has more than 20 years' worth of communications experience under her belt, including leading marcomms for Mercedes-Benz General Distributor for Daimler and Grenardi, to joining EY Baltics earlier this year. Liliana also works as a lecturer and private consultant on PR and media relations for corporate clients. Liliana was the country manager for MTV Latvia when the media giant decided to enter the Baltic market. Below, Liliana shares insight on how they approach employer branding and content at EY Baltics.

The role of employer branding at EY Baltics

At EY, employer branding is an important part of marketing communications with purpose to fulfil our ambition to become the world’s most favoured employer. This includes an understanding of how the employer branding strategy supports the overall organisational strategy and the implications of the employer brand strategy to HR, marketing and leadership.

There are two sides to the story: external to strengthen employer brand awareness, reputation, expertise and mindset of perception and internal to build long term relationship with our employees, sharing exceptional EY experience which is our promise to our people – the value employees can expect to receive and the value they are expected to contribute.

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Employer branding content: from childish to mature

From the content perspective - telling stories is important because stories build brands. Guess the assumption that “employer branding content is childish and not attractive to mature people” is a dated stereotype. At EY, our team with more than 750 professionals in Baltics, is quite diverse. It’s all about proper employer branding content – right time, right place and right people. We have juniors and early career professionals, as well as experienced professionals – which means employer branding content is different and tweaked for exact target audience. My advice and suggestion for employer branding content would be building awareness through well branded and targeted communication, attracting consideration through relevant and interesting content, winning preference/desire through differentiating and persuasive content, as well as application through compelling calls to action.

Creating and sharing content is a two way road. At EY, we give our employees opportunity to build their own brands by sharing their knowledge and expertise. We have also developed a special employee advocacy program. Today, everybody is a content creator of sort, but it’s also clear that our experts are not professional content creators and it’s the marcomms department's task to, besides tech and support, give advice and help with content creation.


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