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How to Measure Awareness (in an Easy and Affordable Way)?

“I think our podcast does not work.”

“Our blog does not generate any leads.”

“Our CEO does not like our Instagram posts.”

Sounds familiar? That’s politics!

B2B Marketing Leaders podcast episode with Bill Macaitis covers these issues. Bill Macaitis is the former CMO at Slack, CMO at Zendesk, and SVP of Marketing at Salesforce.

Episode from 20 October, 2020

1.HOW TO TAKE POLITICS OUT OF MARKETING MEETINGS? Measure and demonstrate the results! In such way, the marketers can back their decisions with data. All channels are measurable and marketers can demonstrate to the board that they are spending money efficiently.

2. DEMAND GEN TEAM OFTEN FEELS LIKE ALL THE PRESSURE OF MARKETING IS ON THEM. But they are the only ones presenting results. People see 20-30 ads before they click! Awareness is needed before people buy and many companies do not care to measure awareness. But it is not expensive and complicated at all!

3. GO TO SURVEY MONKEY AND CREATE A VERY SIMPLE SURVEY. Here is what we did in Slack. At first, there was an unaided question: “What team communications software tools are you are aware of?”

Then you list yourself and your main competitors and ask what the respondents are using.

And then ask a sentiment question – which one is the most favourable. This allows you to measure your own and your competitors’ awareness as well. If you conduct such research periodically, you can see how the needle moves.

Such methodology allows you to think of the campaigns more holistically, not just measure the lead gen aspect.


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