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5 Ideas to Enhance Your Company’s Content Marketing

Content marketing has been part of my agenda for years. While still challenging, marketers all over the World are starting to get a grasp of the benefits content marketing has to offer. According to Content Marketing Institute, 43% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, and 60% of the most successful B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. I will be covering the topic in full detail at our upcoming seminar in Riga, but here are a few to points to get you started:

1. Good content reduces the cost of customer support

Considering that many companies are cutting back on customer support, a huge chunk of it is moving online. All answers should be easily accessible online, otherwise expect endless calls and letters with no hope of scaling back on your support team. If most companies provide answers to easier questions, more complex (nevertheless common!) questions are often left unanswered. Let me bring you an example: how should you spell your name on a plane ticket? Let’s say your name contains less common letters, like the Estonian name Jüri Mihkel Õun. You have numerous options for spelling. The only prompt from the company is to spell your name correctly. Not much help. The issue could be solved with a comprehensive article that covers all possible cases, includes relevant examples and a clear instruction on how to approach each case. Thus, saving up on customer support.

2. Public procurements or not – you still need content marketing

Many B2B companies, especially those involved in construction, claim that they don’t need marketing because most work is secured through public procurements. They might not need marketing in a classical sense, but there’s another side to this coin: employer branding. They need to attract the best talent and young people aren’t eager to join companies they haven’t heard about and who have a poor online presence. Moreover, these companies need to build awareness amongst governments, banks and investors. So yes, they do need marketing.

3. Even a single reader might be enough

The more the better, right? Well this certainly applies to the FMCG category, but it’s a bit different in B2B where just a couple of readers or viewers might suffice assuming that these are the right people. With slight exaggeration, it might even make sense to create content for a single person – given that they are the key decision maker.

4. Be confident and don’t shy away from naming your competition

Companies are terrified of naming their clients. Meanwhile, all clients base their decisions on market research. Why not make life easier for them and name your main advantages? Honest and direct communication is always a huge plus and showcases your confidence. So if you’re organising a training for advanced users, don’t shy away from pointing out that beginners should probably opt out and go for your competitor’s training instead.

5. Recycle!

Recycling is in – even in content marketing! One good piece can be repurposed for numerous channels and formats. It’s also wise to update old pieces from time to time by adding fresh research or deleting dated information. Prior to creating new content – take a look at your archive – some pieces can be reused.


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