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A Phone Call Is as Powerful as Ever in the Era of Digital Communications

1Office is an accounting company that supports entrepreneurs, who do business abroad, offering strong local expertise to start, run and grow businesses. They operate on numerous markets and according to Ragnar Everest, the CEO of 1Office, it’s been challenging to track down the channels driving most attribution. However, he gives a simple lesson on how to gain instant feedback when you're curious to learn more about the customer journey: just pick up the phone and give them a call. Having seen several sign ups they couldn’t quite track down the origin of, Ragnar took the initiative and got in touch with them to learn more about their customer journey and what made 1Office’s value proposition stand out.

Presented at this year's first B2B marketing workshop in Tallinn. Other speakers included: Hando on the basics of B2B content marketing, followed by Salesforce architect Daria Kulikova, Ann Hiiemaa from Meta Advisory, Marek Maido from BCS Itera, Kertu Irves from LEXTAL and finalised by Katheriin Liibert from Outfunnel.


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