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33 B2B Marketing Lessons by David Blinov

David Blinov is a man who can tell you everything about B2B marketing. Running his own B2B growth marketing agency, The F Company, David has had the chance to work with prestigious B2B businesses in the Nordics and can give you the full spectrum of the phases and terms one should cover when implementing growth marketing and demand generation principles. He will be also speaking at our upcoming Parrot conference in Riga.

David has driven €4+ million in revenue for his agency, and many times that for his clients. The following 33 B2B marketing lessons are a big reason why.

  1. Martech is overrated and limits creativity.

  2. More leads doesn't mean more revenue.

  3. Marketing is about understanding how and why people buy.

  4. Good data can get ruined by subjective interpretation and cherry-picking.

  5. Not everything needs a CTA, touchpoints without a conversion are valuable.

  6. Your audience doesn't care about your brand, your content, or your products.

  7. Start with the big picture. If the positioning is wrong, the message doesn't matter.

  8. You don't have to do everything. Be great on one channel, instead of invisible on ten.

  9. Word of mouth is the best B2B channel. People buy from who they know, like and trust.

  10. Consistent is better than perfect. Understand your audience, choose your focus and keep delivering.

  11. Marketing success is the result of systematic experimentation. Build a culture where it's ok to fail, but only if you learn from it.

David is one of the two keynote highlights at this year's Parrot conference in Riga. Join us!

12. A/B tests are a waste of time if you're testing things that are too small to matter.

13. Educate first, sell second. 95% of your audience is at the awareness stage, so why sell?

14. Brand awareness doesn't create demand. It just reminds buyers that you exist.

15. Creating demand doesn't drive sales. It just gets you shortlisted.

16. People exposed to BOTH awareness and demand content are over 6X more likely to buy.

17. Most B2B buying decisions happen in places you can't track.

18. Your B2B audience absolutely IS on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.

19. Nobody is ever confused about how to contact your B2B Sales.

20. Everything you propose to Sales should link to revenue and growth. They care about the money, not marketing jargon.

21. Marketers should talk to their CEO about marketing stuff more often. It brings clarity and brings the right expectations.

22. Don't waste your first months as a CMO on "brand refreshes" and website redesigns. Figure out the big picture first.

23. B2B is ABM. For marketing to drive revenue make a list of companies you want to win.

24. Successful B2B marketing is not about one-off efforts or campaigns. It's about building scalable and repeatable systems.

25. RevOps is the best way to break internal silos, and align everyone towards revenue.

26. If "having a content strategy" means writing blogs and sharing them on your company LinkedIn page, you are doing it wrong.

27. Content should come from the experts who understand your buyers' needs.

28. Content production is useless without distribution.

29. Repurposing is king. Plan for it before you produce anything new.

30. Traditional industry doesn't have to mean boring marketing. Your in-house experts have decades worth of knowledge. Use it!

31. Gated content is a bad idea. Most of the time you'll be better off giving away free value.

32. Ad platforms will never recommend you to spend less on ads. Their job is to make you spend MORE.

33. Marketing is delayed by approvals, research, or the perfect plan. Don't wait for perfect plans. Sometimes you should just do it.

You can meet David on June 19th in Riga, meanwhile, follow him on LinkedIn for more insight on B2B marketing.


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