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WhatsApp Rules B2B Communication in Dubai

“Forget long emails - nobody reads them,” said Ege Devon, the Chief Representative Officer of Enterprise Estonia organisation in Dubai during the recent meeting at Dubai Expo. The most important communications channel is WhatsApp. Important documents, such as contracts and presentations are sent via WhatsApp. It also means that the files you send shouldn’t be too heavy and the materials must be mobile-screen-friendly.

The people in Dubai (and the Gulf region in general) are constantly looking for something new and exciting and get bored easily. That’s why restaurants go out of business quite quickly - when the newness is gone, people go to the next hot place. Is your product new and exciting?

TikTok and Instagram are the favourite social media channels in B2B communications as well. Video rules over text - even for complex and expensive products-services it’s preferable to use video as marketing material.

B2B and B2C are intertwined in Dubai. Alan Adojaan, the founder of Yanu bar robots said that although the robots with 150k EUR price-tag are meant for airport lounges and bars, some wealthy private individuals in Dubai have expressed interest to buy one for their penthouse.

The royal family is the biggest influencer. The impact of the consumption habits of the Crown Prince of Dubai is enormous. For example, when His Royal Highness became a fan of cycling, the sale of bicycles in Dubai increased 350%. Mrs Devon says that since the Royal Family prefers Mercedes G-class vehicles, G-Wagon is “the official” car for the elite in Dubai.


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