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Why You Cannot Trust Analytics

Happened to watch a really good webinar by Finnish B2B marketing expert David Blinov. He has created the "Dark Funnel" model and describes it in his Linkedin post in the following way:

Your analytics data has little to do with how modern B2B buying actually works.

Attribution apps overemphasise Search and Direct traffic. Not because those channels drove the sale, but because that’s the last step your buyers took.

The reality is that none of your buyers woke up, Googled you and decided to buy.

Most of them have been following your content, reading about you, and talking about you. Sometimes for a long time.

Your audience now has control of their own buying process. They ask peers for opinions, do their own research, and come to their own conclusions.

They consume B2B content in places you can't track: organic social, podcasts and word of mouth. That's where a lot of your revenue comes from.

Don't believe me? Call 10 of your latest customers and ask them how they heard about you.



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