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Building Relationships via Trade Associations Pays Off

BCS Itera consults and delivers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), BI and HRM solutions that create competitive advantages. The sales cycle is rather long and the service expensive. If you look at the amount of content they are putting out – it’s a lot! We are not going to get into all the formats (have a look around their digital channels), but it’s important to mention one key goal behind their content marketing: designing the market by increasing the awareness amongst potential clients. Smart clients will recognise the value your company can provide.

Marek Maido, the head of marketing and communications, also emphasised the importance of building relationships by not only being present and active at relevant trade associations, but also quite literally wining and dining your decision makers. This can include dinners, lunches, seminars or any other planned activities you can do together.

Presented at this year's first B2B marketing workshop in Tallinn. Other speakers included: Hando on the basics of B2B content marketing, followed by Salesforce architect Daria Kulikova, Ann Hiiemaa from Meta Advisory, Ragnar Everest from 1Office, Kertu Irves from LEXTAL and finalised by Katheriin Liibert from Outfunnel.

Photo sourced from Äripäev.


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