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Shortlist Announced for Golden Parrot B2B Awards 2024

The Golden Parrot B2B Awards is a pioneering initiative in the Baltics aimed at recognising exceptional work in the B2B field. Unlike traditional advertising awards that are predominantly B2C-focused, our awards ensure that B2B competes with B2B and achievements receive the spotlight they deserve.


The first round of judging is behind us. The final round will take place on Friday, determining the best in the following categories*:


  • Golden Parrot Award in each category (Website, Branding, Sales Support Content, Content, LinkedIn, Events, Lead Generation & Sales)

  • Grand Prix (Best of Show)

  • Best of Estonia, Best of Latvia, and Best of Lithuania

  • B2B Agency of the Year

Category winners will be announced on Friday and will have the chance to present their work on June 4th. The rest will remain a secret until the ceremony on the same evening. 


*Please note that we have tweaked the categories to correspond with the submitted work. 




Category: Website

  • Eleport / Not Perfect Vilnius 

  • Obeliu Distillery / Not Perfect Vilnius 

  • Klick / Lumav 

  • Backscreen / White Label 

  • Inbank / White Label 

  • Native Localization / White Label 

  • Ref Minerals / White Label 

  • CUBE Agency 

  • Biscuits to Business / TRUTH.

Category: Branding

  • If Insurance 

  • Biscuits to Business / TRUTH.

  • SRC Group / Velvet 

  • Native Localization / White Label

  • CHK / Nobel Digital

  • Lindström / Nobel Digital

  • Nordic Hypo / Nobel Digital

  • Backscreen / White Label

  • Stebby Book

  • Swedbank Lithuania 

  • Tamro LinkedIn / B2B Growth 

  • Neste MY Renewable Diesel in Latvia

Category: Sales Support Content

  • Saku Läte

  • Articul Catalogue / White Label

  • Native Localization / White Label

  • Lincona Konsult Catalogue 

Category: Content

  • Blue/Yellow / TRUTH.

  • Sorainen Frequency Podcast

  • Setupad

Category: LinkedIn

  • Ellex

  • Proekspert

Category: Events

  • Stebby Heaoluhommik

  • Prelude / White Label

Category: Lead Generation and Sales

  • Merit Software Click Funnels / Vivid Studio 

  • Combat Ready / B2B Growth

  • Nordic Hypo / Nobel Digital

  • Lindström Rental Mats / Nobel Digital 

Jury panel for 2024 consists of Steve Kemish (IMG, UK), Piret Vahter (Net Group, Estonia), Oskars Toms Libers (White Label, Latvia), Taavi Rebane (Messente, Estonia), Mark Terry-Lush (Make Honey, UK), Aurelija Plioplyte (Not Perfect Vilnius, Lithuania), Andrejs Juscenko (IBD Consulting, Latvia), Annika Ljaš Eilat (Noontide, Estonia) and Urmet Seepter (Helmes, Estonia).


Congratulations to all shortlisted candidates and look forward to announcing the winners after the final round of judging. Make sure to join us in celebrating the best on June 4th in Tallinn.


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