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Construction Companies Don't Need Marketing. Wrong!

This time the piece of wisdom comes from Dirt Talk by BuildWitt podcast with the guest Marcus Sheridan, the author of "They Ask, You Answer"

Why do construction companies even need marketing? There are huge companies with over 100 million in revenue who don't even have a website! Their business comes from various tenders.

Markus Sheridan: "In this industry, the buyer is not a customer in a traditional sense. The buyer is the future workforce. These companies are selling their product, their company to the future workforce.

The need for qualified workforce is the single biggest problem in this industry. And it's only getting harder to find people.

The potential recruit will study your company's website more thoroughly than the potential buyer. Construction companies need to ask themselves: "How many recruitment videos do we have?" In most cases, the answer is "none". But young workforce watches the videos before applying.

For many B2B, transitioning the marketing team from being buyer-driven to potential employee-driven is the major challenge. That's where the KPIs are found: the question to be asked is "are we really growing our recruiting?"


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