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Personal Brands Are Stronger Than Corporate Brands in Legal Services Industry

Back in 2013, the ban on advertising legal services was lifted in Estonia and law firms felt both pressured and a relieved to finally get their messages out there. Kertu Irves started her journey in LEXTAL by conducting a thorough audit on the company’s internal and external values.

The company was divided into 11 fields (11 sub brands) and 22 lawyers i.e. persona brands. Based on their expertise, each lawyer was assigned a field and became a spokesperson on all legal matters connected to that particular topic. In turn, every team has been assigned with a list of relevant channels. For example, the IT & WEB 3.0 team’s content is divided between the newsletter, media (including media outlets, social media, industry associations, social communities) and webinars.

In order for this strategy to work, the lawyers had to develop strong persona brands and take active steps towards driving thought leadership. LinkedIn profiles were updated, given a unified look and lawyers were encouraged to connect with other thought leaders in the legal sphere. Building up a strong LinkedIn presence has been exceptionally rewarding according to Kertu.

Presented at this year's first B2B marketing workshop in Tallinn. Other speakers included: Hando on the basics of B2B content marketing, followed by Salesforce architect Daria Kulikova, Ann Hiiemaa from Meta Advisory, Ragnar Everest from 1Office, Marek Maido from BCS Itera and finalised by Katheriin Liibert from Outfunnel.


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