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Do You Have a Podcast? No? You're Insane

Really exciting dialogue from the DGMG podcast about the value of podcasts!

Dave Gerhardt (DG) is a B2B marketing leader & widely regarded as one of today’s leading brand builders. Christopher Lochhead (CL) is a #1 charting Apple podcaster, a #1 bestselling Amazon author, a 3x CMO.

CL: “If you are a company today and you don’t have a podcast, you are insane.

Podcasts are to the 2020s what rock-n-roll was to the 60s. This is one of the most exciting mediums ever created.”

The average podcast has 100-200 downloads, it’s very little compared to the audience of top influencers.

DG: “Let’s say you are selling some financial software to CFOs. If you only get 100 downloads a month, but 100 of those people are CFOs of your target market – you don’t need to be Ariana Grande – that’s your whole business.

Do interviews with every CFO, you get them on your show, you make them feel like stars.”

CL: “From the B2B sales perspective – if you want to get a meeting with the CEO of a prospect – invite him to be in your podcast. Probably he says yes. It’s way easier to ask somebody to be a guest than say – hey can I come to sell you our shit.”

DG: “The ultimate enterprise ABM play that I would run – I go to sales leader and ask – hey, give me 100 top accounts we want to reach. Over the course of the year, we gonna reach out to every single one of those people and do a podcast with them. At the end of the year, we look at the pipeline created from this and I can guarantee you the numbers gonna be higher than with any other marketing campaign you have ever done.”

Listen to the full episode:


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