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How to Position Your Country at Dubai Expo

EXPO 2020 Dubai is an impressive cultural and business event that will take place from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022 in Dubai under the main theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. During the six months of the exhibition, EXPO 2020 is expected to attract 25 million visitors. 192 countries compete for global attention at Dubai Expo - how to stand out?

Hando shares his highlights from the pavilions of Balkan and Baltic countries.

In a cluttered environment and with limited budget it is crucial to focus on ONE message only. That is why Estonia has played the positioning game right at Dubai Expo. Estonia has focused completely on the idea of being the most advanced digital nation in the World. It’s important to have a laser focus when you compete with all countries in the World (except for Iceland and North Korea who do not attend Expo). Estonia does not talk much about the untouched nature or medieval cities, everything is about being E-stonia.

Yanu bar robots and Click & Grow smart gardens are showcased on the main floor of the Estonian pavilion.

Latvia’s message is “Soil for Innovation” and it showcases several innovative Latvian companies and products such as JZ microphones or Aretai loudspeakers.

The smallest Burj Khalifa in the World (the tallest building in the World) is presented in the Lithuanian pavilion. I love the contrast, even irony since everything is the World’s biggest in Dubai. The small object is actually a demonstration of what the Lithuanian-made Femtika Laser is capable of.

Openarium (source:

Lithuania’s pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is named Openarium. It is a wooden building that represents Lithuania as a country that is open to creativity, sustainability, communality, and innovation. Its purpose is to create the atmosphere of a growing and sustainable society, highlighting Lithuania’s peculiarity as well as modernity. The external pavilion appearance shows Lithuania in the eyes of a modern Lithuanian – as an open and genuine country. Poland, Sweden and Finland, for example, have focused on wood in their pavilions.

Slovenia's motto at Dubai Expo is “Slovenia: Green and Smart Experience”, a nod to the country's sustainable, modern and creative nature. For me as a visitor, the “green” part left a much stronger impression since it was presented in a visually very attractive way.

Croatia’s slogan in Dubai Expo is “Croatia Inspiring Great Minds” and it showcases several Croatian inventors (like Nikola Tesla), the most attractive exhibit is probably Rimac Nevera, the fastest electric hypercar in the world.

Rimac Nevera, the fastest electric hypercar in the world (source:

EXPO 2020 Dubai is open until March 31, 2022. If you're interested in discovering more about one of the World's biggest business and cultural event and learn about different countries' expositions, follow this link:


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